Short Term Targets

Working hard to produce and create strength and depth to her equine power house, Kate is setting her sights on International Grand Prix in 2020 and has so far;

3 horses at intermediaterII/Grand Prix at Premier Leagues and LiBish  Dressage Summer National Championships 2020/2021

Aim to Represent Great Britain at International Small Tour with Rayban, Middle Tour with Sirocco and Dramatic Conquest and Big Tour with Samba Dancer in 2020/2021

Young Horse opportunities with Jules and home bred Delbury.

Currently training Rayban the beginnings of piaffe, passage and one time changes. Establishing these moves with Sirocco, Dramatic Conquest and Samba Dancer.

Bringing on the basics with home bred baby Delbury.  Establishing elementary moves with new member of the team  6 yr old Jules.

Currently training a member of my home team Tesla and Barcelona to PSG level.

During lockdown focusing on my fitness through bike riding.